I came to Dr. Hafer originally for a shoulder problem and that is gone. Also don’t have trouble any more with my back or left hip. My digestion is also better and I almost never have a cold. Coming in regularly to see Dr. Hafer makes a difference.

Penny B.


I have had a number of very physical jobs in my life; waitress, factory worker, personal gardener, and farmer. I often drove by the Healing Center in Kalamazoo, Michigan on my way from maintain one garden or another. My back always hurt but I could work through it. Finally, after planting a small shrub the pain was more than I thought I could work through without losing productivity. I decided to see what Chiropractic was like. Dr. Hafer has been my chiropractor now for 10 years. I now have no back pain and get an adjustment every week. I don’t know why I waited so long.

Jackie S.


When I came in I couldn’t bend over.  Now I feel 10 year younger – my back doesn’t hurt. Dr… Hafer is awesome!

Jana P.


Nothing gets in the way of my Chiropractic appointment. I was out of work for one month and Dr. Hafer helped me get back to work and I now have a standing appointment to stay well. I never want to get back to that place again, so the day I have my appointment with Dr Hafer, I don’t let anything get in the way!

Frances T.


I came to see Dr. Hafer for low back pain and although it has only been a few visits, I am already feeling better.  Despite the fact that I have a high deductible to meet, so it is all out of pocket for me, I feel it is worth every penny because it is really helping me.

Sharon R.