Meet Our Staff

Dr. Kathryn Hafer

Kathryn-HaferDr. Kathryn Hafer has lived and worked the Chiropractic lifestyle and philosophy for the last 30 years. She graduated with her Bachelors of Science from Western Michigan University. She got her Doctor of Chiropractic from Palmer College of Chiropractic in Davenport, Iowa which is like the Harvard of Chiropractic schools and where it all began for the Chiropractic profession. She gained experience building long term Chiropractic relationships working in multiple offices throughout Southwestern Michigan Communities and owned and operated the Healing Center in Kalamazoo, Michigan beginning in 1997 to 2016. She also simultaneously took over ownership of the Allegan County Chiropractic Health Center (ACCHC) in 2007. Presently in 2017 she is giving her full attention and working at only the ACCHC.

While attending WMU, Dr. Hafer was involved in designing recreational programs and therapy for people with disabilities. This interest has led her to incorporate cranial adjusting and use of a low-force adjusting instrument called the activator into her “tool box” of techniques to use to help people reach their health potentials. These techniques of care as well as traditional Chiropractic methods, have been useful with individuals experiencing chronic headaches, concussions, sleep disorders, as well as developmental delays in children, ADHD, to name a few.

In her spare time, Dr Hafer enjoys the outdoors, playing with her dog Sedona, attending antique auto shows, enjoys movies, and vacationing in warm destinations.

Jackie Smith

Jackie Smith

Jackie Smith has been the Chiropractic Assistant at Allegan County Chiropractic Health Center since 2011. She makes sure the clinic runs as smoothly as possible. She answers the phone, answers your billing questions (or finds the answers), and interacts with insurance companies. Jackie will always greet you with a smile and is often the first person you meet as you enter the office. When you bring your kids in ask about the finger puppets, one of Jackie’s favorite tasks is sitting with kids and finding out what sounds the finger puppets make.

When not working at ACCHC Jackie spends her time on her homestead working at whatever the season demands: winter – hauling and splitting wood for the wood stove, knitting, and reading; summer – gardening, preserving food for winter, beekeeping, and enjoying the beauty of nature in all seasons.



sedona 2020 at linn st waiting roomOur Therapy Dog

Sedona has been with Dr. Hafer for 7 years. During the Covid-19 shutdown, she stayed home but now she’s back again.

She loves to play with kids and has her favorite chair in the waiting room.

Come in and get some unconditional love from her. She greets every patient and has no loyalty to any one person. She loves everyone.

By the way, we have a clothes brush if you come in wearing black. We use it ourselves all the time.