Perception – Good Luck Bad Luck

I wanted to share one of my favorite Chinese Parables.  It goes like this…. Once upon a time, there was an old man in China who had one horse and one son.  One day, the horse wandered away and was lost.  Upon learning this, the neighbors went to the old man and told him they […]


Taming the Fear

What are you doing to reduce your fears? Following are some suggestions – but first let’s take a look at how fear affects your brain and body.

Coronavirus Round 2

Keeping Your Immune System Strong is Your #1 Defense Your body has kept up with the virus so far.  You haven’t gotten sick or it was a mild case of Covid-19.  But now you have to kick it into high gear. Is it Time to Consider Adding Supplements to Your Health Regime? Which ones are […]

sore from sitting

Are You Sore From Sitting?

If your hips hurt or your lower back is beginning to give you grief, then it’s time to reevaluate your lifestyle. In our society, prolonged sitting is normal in many settings. But take a look at all your activities and see which ones could be done standing and which ones can you break every now and then.