We welcome you to give us the opportunity to find out. To find out, we will need to collect some information. Along with your health history, you will be given a thorough physical exam and often x-rays are taken so we can combine the findings to give you the most comprehensive look at “what dangers are lurking” in your particular care. We will discuss our findings with you and give you options of care depending on your state of need, urgency, and health goals that will best support you. If we do not feel you are a Chiropractic candidate, we will refer you to other health care specialists.

Absolutely.  When compared to other medical treatments, which include medication and surgery, Chiropractic is by far the safest, supported by statistics and studies. It is estimated that 140.000 people in the U.S. die each year from drug-related reactions and nearly 100.000 people die as a result of medical errors. Even insurance companies who assess the risks of all professionals and charge them insurance premiums _better known as malpractice insurance) charge the lowest rate to Chiropractors of all health care providers. These low rates further support the fact that Chiropractic is the safest. Even though hundreds of thousands of Chiropractic adjustments are made each year, only a few complaints are registered.

The gently correction, either manually or by use of a device, of a subluxation that was identified in your spine or nervous system, therefore assisting the body to function normally and restore health. Dr. Hafer will determine the best method to use for your individual needs.

The Chiropractic definition is much different than the medical definition and is not the same thing. The Chiropractic definition is when one of the five components that makes up the subluxation of Vertebral Subluxation Complex (VSC) is present, causing an interference to the normal functioning of the nervous system. If these interferences are left unattended it leads to dis-ease or disease. Those components are nerve involvement, muscle involvement, inflammation, joint dysfunction, and development of scar tissue/ degeneration. Unfortunately, clinical observation reveals that in 95% of the cases the VSC cannot be felt by the patient, so how you feel has little to do with if a subluxation is present or not. Chiropractors are trained to detect and correct subluxations. Elimination of them is the key. Layers of damage develop over the years compromising your health. We like to call them the silent dangers because they often go unnoticed as a muscle ache “that just went away.” But did it? Often not. The body just compensated without correcting the problem.  You can turn off the fire alarm, but it doesn’t mean you put out the fire. They can be caused by all the things we do in life. They can be from physical, emotional, or chemical stresses. It may begin with birth traumas (delivery, forceps, suction, and c-section). It may be falling while learning to walk, not to mention all the trips, falls, and accidents along our way. Then there are the repetitive motions, bad postures, back packs, using iphones, tablets, computers, etc. Emotional stresses such as grief, anger, fear or depression to name a few. Or chemicals, like drugs (medical or recreational), alcohol, environmental issues like pollution and poor diet and lack of exercise can also cause subluxation. No one can go through life and avoid them all.

Most Chiropractic adjustments are not only virtually painless, they actually feel good. In cases of recent injury, inflamed tissue may react with some discomfort. Application of ice after a treatment may soothe any irritation.

No age is excluded from Chiropractic care. Even babies may have subluxations due to the rigors of birth. In Denmark, for example, Chiropractic Doctors are part of the birthing team. Children’s subluxations should be treated early as they interfere with nerves that control developing muscles and organs. Abnormal stresses on a rapidly developing spine and other bones and joints may cause them to develop abnormally.

That depends on many factors. Dr Hafer will discuss what treatment recommendations are best to help you based on your exam results. The choice is always yours to how long you wish to reap the benefits of Chiropractic.

No! Some people may make a joint “pop” and feel better, thinking they made an adjustment. Wrong! Damage can occur by “self-manipulating” a joint that has weakened muscles and ligaments, or by moving the wrong joint at the wrong time. It doesn’t mean damage was not done just because it felt better either.  Even your Chiropractor must consult a colleague to personally benefit from Chiropractic care. Adjustments are specific and require the skill of a professionally trained Doctor of Chiropractic to administer.

If you are not responding as you would like, first and foremost, have a discussion with your Chiropractor to find out why this may be. Similarly if you are prescribed a medication by your medical doctor, that doesn’t seem to be working, you consult your doctor to see if any changes need to be made.  Sometimes a change in adjusting method or addition of another modality is needed. Otherwise in some cases, a referral to another specialist will be recommended who might be able to help. In any event, your health and happiness are our primary goal.