Fundraiser for Wishbone Animal Rescue in Memory of our Samantha

One of our “therapy” dogs, Samantha, passed away on January 26th, 2019. She was 16 years old, adopted at an Animal Rescue Event when she was only 8 weeks old by Jackie.

Samantha was a border collie/aussie mix so was always working and trying to please. We called her our “weather dog” because she would sit up and alert us when a storm was approaching. Then she would bark at the lightning and rumbles in the sky, shooing them away, protecting her flock (which included anyone and everyone in the building).

Samantha had a calming effect on our patients and taught many children how to be gentle. She was never a rambunctious dog, her job as a herding dog was to keep everything and everyone under control and she did her job well.


When she got home, she ran in the woods and swam in the pond. She loved to swim and never met a puddle she didn’t want to roll in. Thankfully she also liked getting baths.

She will be missed by many. Samantha belonged not just to Jackie but to all our patients who loved her. That is why in her memory we are offering a special invitation to our patients.

Samantha loved people:

Refer a friend who needs Chiropractic care and they will get their x-rays, exam, and review of findings for only $47.00 (which will be donated 100% to Wishbone Pet Rescue) and you will receive a chance to win a Samsung Galaxy IPad.

Samantha would like all this fuss about her. It’s like rubbing her behind her ears.

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