Is It a Thermometer or a Gun?

Is It a Thermometer or a Gun? image of a gun

Is It a Thermometer or a Gun? image of a thermometer

Imagine… you have been taking your children’s temperature for many weeks with an infrared thermometer pointed at their forehead.  It has become a part of the normal daily routine.

Now imagine… you’ve had a handgun in your bedstand for years.  One day your child decides to play nurse…

He knows you keep the thermometer on the dresser, but he can’t reach that one and rummages around in your nightstand.  He finds the OTHER thermometer and goes to play nurse with his sister.

Is this a scenario you can imagine?  It doesn’t end well.

How can we stop this from happening?

First: Take temperatures at the wrist. In extreme weather, it will be more accurate

Second: Make sure any handguns you own are always unarmed, and locked

Third: Educate your children about the difference between a handheld thermometer and a handgun

I read about how children would see pointing anything (especially something that you have to pull a trigger) to a forehead on a Facebook post.  It disturbed me a great deal. Do we really want it to become normal to point an object to our foreheads and pull the trigger?

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