sore from sitting

Are You Sore From Sitting?

If your hips hurt or your lower back is beginning to give you grief, then it’s time to reevaluate your lifestyle. In our society, prolonged sitting is normal in many settings. But take a look at all your activities and see which ones could be done standing and which ones can you break every now and then.


Why Do I Bring My Dog to Work?

There are many reasons I bring my dog to work but the overriding one is that she (Sedona) makes people feel more relaxed, less stressed, and less anxious.

Is It a Thermometer or a Gun? image of a thermometer

Is It a Thermometer or a Gun?

Imagine… you have been taking your children’s temperature for many weeks with an infrared thermometer pointed at their forehead.  It has become a part of the normal daily routine. Now imagine… you’ve had a handgun in your bedstand for years.  One day your child decides to play nurse… He knows you keep the thermometer on […]


Immunity to COVID-19 – It’s Not All About Antibodies

Have you had the flu in the last few years?  Have you even had a cold? You may be immune to COVID -19 without even having it. Our bodies are amazing at sleuthing out foreign and dangerous toxins in our bodies. In fact, immune cells known as “memory T-cells “play an important role in the […]

sedona 2020 at linn st waiting room


Sedona Our Therapy Dog Sedona has been with Dr. Hafer for 7 years. During the Covid-19 shutdown, she stayed home but now she’s back again. She loves to play with kids and has her favorite chair in the waiting room. Come in and get some unconditional love from her. She greets every patient and has […]