Chriopractic for Asthma

Spring is Here, Do You Suffer from Asthma?

Soon the trees will start leafing out, but before the leaves there will be little inconspicuous flowers.  They are the first source of nectar for honey bees but also the source of pollen.  If you are one of the estimated 25 million asthma sufferers that tree pollen may trigger serious asthma attacks. But is that […]

Back Pain

Do Your Friends or Co-workers Complain of Back Pain?

Let them know about Chiropractic! Now is a great time to see if Chiropractic can help. Allegan County chiropractic and Wishbone Pet Rescue are teaming up for a fundraiser. Until March 31st, a New Patient can get x-rays and exam for $47.00 (Donated to Wishbone Pet Rescue) (excludes Medicare and Medicaid) And when You refer […]


Fundraiser for Wishbone Animal Rescue in Memory of our Samantha

One of our “therapy” dogs, Samantha, passed away on January 26th, 2019. She was 16 years old, adopted at an Animal Rescue Event when she was only 8 weeks old by Jackie. Samantha was a border collie/aussie mix so was always working and trying to please. We called her our “weather dog” because she would sit […]