Perception – Good Luck Bad Luck

I wanted to share one of my favorite Chinese Parables.  It goes like this….

good-luckbad-luckwho-knowsOnce upon a time, there was an old man in China who had one horse and one son.  One day, the horse wandered away and was lost.  Upon learning this, the neighbors went to the old man and told him they were sorry to hear about his bad luck.

“How do you know it is bad luck?” he asked.

Soon thereafter, the horse returned, and brought back with him many wild horses.  Upon learning this, the neighbors again went to the old man, this time congratulating him on his good luck.

“How do you know it is good luck?” he asked.

Having so many horses, the son took to riding, and it so happened that he was thrown from a horse and broke his leg.  Once again, the neighbors went to the old man, this time expressing sorrow at his bad luck.

“How do you know it is bad luck?” he asked.

Soon thereafter, a war broke out and the old man’s son, because of the injury, did not have to go to war.

So what does this have to do with your health? 

What I am hoping you will take from this is that how we perceive things, our perception, can often cause us stress.  And we all know now how much stress affects our lives in many ways.  Events happen and they are not always in our control.  We usually can’t see the big picture.  If we can just take a step back from a situation and look at it from different angles, or look for maybe something positive from it, we may reduce our stress.  Maybe it is doing some googling to better understand and find new information about it, giving you a different perspective.  Try to move forward the best you can. Some say:

*Go with the flow

*Just have faith and trust that things will work out for the best.

*Something positive always comes out of something bad.

*Try to keep an open mind

Soften every situation without judging too harshly before looking at it and finding the positive. 

Yes, sometimes you can’t see it in the thick of things and that is where you have to trust that this too shall pass, and with a curious mind believe that something good usually comes from the something bad.  If nothing else, the sun will shine again. You may not be able to change the event but you can change how you perceive it.

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