Postural Ergonomics Assessments for Home or Office

Postural ErgonomicsI have good posture and ergonomic equipment at work, and my stand-up desk did help so why am I still so tired at the end of the day, or my eyes hurt, I have a headache, etc. fill in the blank. That’s because there is more to it than to just sit up straight and have the right equipment.

A good Postural Ergonomic assessment must include and assess these four components for you:

  • Functional
  • Postural
  • Brain-based
  • Environmental

If you are missing one or more of these, you may unknowingly be missing an opportunity to be more productive.

Dr. Hafer is trained to look at more than just your physical environment. She is certified by the American Posture Institute as a Postural Ergonomist to evaluate these four components.

How can I change my work station for the better?

Discuss with your supervisor your concerns and have him/her contact Dr. Hafer.  She will come to your workplace and conduct a four-component based ergonomic assessment and make recommendations towards correction of any positive findings to create beneficial changes and optimal performance. She will also, as part of that assessment, give recommendations for how to maintain the same benefits at home after you leave work as well as return to the office for a follow-up visits to make sure the changes are being utilized and suggest any additional changes if necessary.

What about at Home?

If you work at home on the computer or use your phone a lot, a four component postural ergonomic assessment is important.  If you’re a gamer and use digital devices for recreation you may experience eye strain, headaches, and fatigue as well.

How Do I Get a Postural Ergonomic Assessment?

Simply call or email Allegan County Chiropractic to schedule an assessment.  Dr. Hafer will be honored to care for your health.

Contact us today to schedule a Postural Ergonomics consultation with Dr. Hafer.