Tips for Avoiding the Coronavirus

We remain open as always to help keep you healthy.

Keep your immune system strong. Repeat…Keep your immune system strong

Get adjusted. A study showed that as little as 15 minutes after an adjustment was given, your white blood cells count raises, strengthening your immune system.

Eat mostly whole fruits and vegetables. (Strive for 90% of your diet) Reduce, if not eliminate, dairy, eggs, gluten, bad fats, sugar.

Antiviral supplements can be added to your diet if you would like an extra boost.

Stay hydrated with water. Drink lots of water.

Get plenty of sleep. Allow yourself to get extra sleep.

Good sanitation and respect of others around you. Wash hands and cover your mouth if you sneeze.

Reduce stress anyway you can. Don’t panic. Stay calm. Don’t let media scare you more than it already is doing. Studies show stress, fear, and negativity weakens your immune system. What was the first tip? That’s right; keep your immune system strong.

Don’t forget, while hearing all the scary stuff about the coronavirus, to balance your thoughts with other facts that most people affected have mild symptoms and don’t die.  Ask what is the percentage of the people who died from the coronavirus vs the entire population of the world? It comes down to a very tiny percent. For example, more people will die from suicide and heart disease this year than from the virus.

So, if shopping for toilet paper helps you have less stress, please do it. When buying supplies try to stay out of fear mode. It creates stress. Instead, think about all the positive things you are doing. Go to the store thinking “I am keeping my family safe and healthy by buying good food that strengthens our immune systems.”

Did I mention how getting adjusted helps your immune system?

Hope this helps. We remain open our regular hours, again to keep you healthy.

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