We’ve Moved!

500 Linn St, Allegan, MI 49010

We are in our new home. It’s exciting! Great features.

  1. No long walk to the door for you to walk or for us to clean
  2. A new “kid cave” with an awesome dinosaur painted by the local artist, Carrie Austin.
  3. Updated to digital x-rays (still in training)
  4. Rooms set-up for great patient flow, in-and-out
  5. Watch for updates for the reappearance of Sedona

We still have areas under construction. Had to build an x-ray room. Somewhere underneath boxes are my desk and office. This weekend I’ll unpack more boxes.

But as long as I have my tables and activator and Jackie has her computer, we can help relieve your subluxations and get you back to maximum potential.

Come on in and see our “kid cave,” set up an appointment to get adjusted, or just stop by to say hi!

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