Why Do I Bring My Dog to Work?

There are many reasons I bring my dog to work but the overriding one is that she (Sedona) makes people feel more relaxed, less stressed, and less anxious. Kids enjoy getting to play with her after their adjustment and she keeps them busy while their parents are getting their adjustment. Lots of loving is shared between Sedona, kids, and adults. Many want to take her home with them, but we remind them we know where they live. LOL

Studies Show Dogs Are Stress Removers

Sedona loves people of all ages and greets every patient with a wag of the tail and a smile. Smile? It looks that way at least. You can feel the stress wash away from people as they pet and talk to her. Not surprising since there have been numerous studies on the effects of animals in doctors’ offices, nursing homes, hospitals, funeral homes, and other stressful environments.  They all show that people feel less anxious about their situations when they have the unconditional love of a dog.

Decrease Multiple Stressors In One Visit

The body is affected by chemical, physical, and emotional stresses. It is necessary to combat all three for optimal health. Sedona helps to reduce the emotional/mental impacts of stress. Between her and us providing an atmosphere of joy and acceptance along with your adjustment, you are addressing more aspects than just the physical in our office.

Escape The Stresses Of The World

So, in these uncertain times of Coronavirus and all the uprising and calamity in the world, people have a great deal of stress and concern for their families and themselves.  Sedona is here to help you escape, for a short time at least, the stresses of the world.

When you stop by to get some love from Sedona you can schedule your next appointment to let us help you with your health.  Feel free to stay longer if you need to for some relaxing Sedona time.


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